Grand Slam Plan! Day 4 – Snafus & Snaggle-farts

Well, everything don’t always go according to plan. Even still this phase of my adventure is right on schedule.

Day 2 became a disappointment when I found configuring my solar kit on the back of my bike just wasn’t going to work as I hoped. The forty watt folding panel does get enough juice to recharge the batteries but folding it out on top of my other equipment shifts the weight load too high and too far back.

The ackward center of gravity makes steering a little too wonky and so for now I’m just collecting solar in the afternoon, which leaves a bit of a deficit when it comes to my fully set up live streaming program. So, for the time being live streaming is limited and two or more days of rain and cloud cover coming up is making it worse.

Day 3 was an unexpected inconvenience when after setting up camp I found I had no cell service whatsoever. You hear about the dead spots but when you live in the city you tend to take your data connections for granted. No big deal really, but I had expected to post an update last night and catch up on the news and other social content providers that I follow.

Day 4 was a milestone as I crossed over the Clifton Highway Bridge high above the beautiful Tennessee River. At that point my journey soon surpassed 140 miles. So, I’m still here and will be providing more updates. More coming soon please stay tuned.

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