Happy Easter!

Now, this is kinda funny because it being Easter I’ve been heading west, and north. With two days of potential rain ahead I really couldn’t stop for the holiday. Maybe I’ll get a blessing anyway for having passed through Parsons Tenn today!

I was a little preoccupied with my route and didn’t take any photos or video, also it’s a shift because I was geared for live streaming which is on hold. I’ll try to get an interesting photo tomorrow and maybe a video for TikTok and YouTube.

Today was especially long breaking my all time distance record going 50 miles in a single day. So, again I’m a bit frazzled. To top it all off I ran into a snarky attitude at Walmart. It’s all good, I got my fried chicken and chowed down when I arrived at tonight’s camp.

Note: I did earn my Cycling merit badge on the way to achieving Eagle. So, this isn’t my first 50 miler on cycle. Although, this ride includes a lot of extra equipment weight since it isn’t a one day journey.

And since I’m talking smack, I just now realized I came within 30 miles of Shiloh yesterday where I am indeed a Veteran hiker. And of course, I did the 50 Miler afoot AND afloat. Those were the good old days. At this point, It’s hard to imagine 50 something miles in a canoe on a Missouri river or 80 miles on the AT. 😎

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