📽 The Grand Slam Plan! adventure – Has Begun

Today is the day and I’m on my way on The Grand Slam Plan! adventure.

Getting out the door was a mess and it seemed like nothing was gonna go right. All in all it’s been a good day though – aside from some rough spots.

Getting my connections going was a comedy of errors as one modem kept competing with the other but I finally got it going for a healthy three hour live stream.

The next and really the biggest antagonism was a steady wind from the north as I headed north towards the Alabama Tennessee state line and onwards to Fayetteville. The state line is where I ended the stream after only about 20 miles. But, I had to go in the store and buy a lottery ticket since they don’t sell them in Alabama.

That’s not good mileage but I ended the stream to conserve bandwidth and batteries. Tomorrow’s a sunny day so I’ll have the solar in action! I knew starting off would be a little tough since I’m now hauling a bunch of equipment and with a strong wind in my face the entire time and extra weight to carry – I’m plum wore out.

A good nights sleep after some nice dinner tonight and hot coffee in the morning oughta liven me up.

Tune in tomorrow around 9am to see some beautiful Tennessee hill country and chat along if you like.

©2024 – Jim Casey