Now that I’m on the AT I’m having spotty cell coverage and maybe battery challenges. I’ll be posting here, but quicker and shorter updates are more likely on my Instagram.

    My bike adventure to Cape Girardeau couldn’t have been better. I got a great photo of the eclipse and picked up my rent-a-car on schedule. And, I put the roadster in the trunk just in case.
  • 300 Miles Plus 5
    Go figure. Peddle a bike for 300 miles without a hitch, (actually, my bike does have a hitch, but that’s not what I mean here) going to see the eclipse, with no navigation problems and finally today I missed a turn.
  • Cold, Rain, Hail, Wind: Kentucky
    After taking yesterday off for morning rain and a nice rest, today was my worst day yet. Started off pretty good with a little sunshine and warming temps. So when I got to Fulton Kentucky I decided to have an early lunch at McD’s. After that the day went snafu.
  • Catching The Fish Catchers
    Every so often I see a particularly nice photographic scene and this is the one I like best for today. Some folks had wet a hook in the Carol Lake spillway near Huntingdon Tenn and seemed to be enjoying the spring day with moderate temperatures and overcast skies.
  • Happy Easter!
    Now, this is kinda funny because it being Easter I’ve been heading west, and north. With two days of potential rain ahead I really couldn’t stop for the holiday. Maybe I’ll get a blessing anyway for having passed through Parsons Tenn today!

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