📽 Bike Tripping To The Hardware Store

I don’t why, but manufacturers never have seemed to be serious about mirrors on peddle bikes. I guess not too many people ride in traffick, but nowadays they are making electronic monitors.

Anyways, I bought some el cheapo mirrors getting the roadster ready for The Grand Slam Plan! adventure. It’s not that I wouldn’t have spent a little more on mirrors (not the electronic ones just yet), it’s that real good mirrors just don’t seem to be available. And of course, the cheapos weren’t big enough and kept coming unglued to boot.

Finally, looking around at the quickly shrinking pile of clutter around the homestead, (I’m doing an extra good clean out so I can begin renovations immediately after I return from The Grand Slam Plan! adventure – vacation.) I found two motorcycle mirrors that I picked out of a junk pile on the side of the road years ago. I never had put them to use because I didn’t have the nuts and bolts or brackets needed to put them on the bike.

So, I took an old aluminum yardstick and cut two pieces about five inches long and then bent each to fit on the bike handlebars. Of course I drilled the holes and smoothed out the rough edges with a bench grinder. But, I still needed nuts and washers to hold ’em all together.

And then, off I went to the hardware store. Lowes had exactly what I needed and putting it all together the new old mirrors are bigger, better and sturdier than the el cheapos.

This is a fun trip up North Parkway in Huntsville and the video commentary is something of a study on bike safety, traffick and cars. For a special bonus you also get a new diatribe about bad actors and the deep state conspiracy.

©2024 – Jim Casey