📽 Getting Outfitted For My Adventure To The Amazon Jungle

Well, the cat’s outta the bag. Some people have asked: “Where are you going on the Grand Slam Plan! adventure?” Everybody knows, I’m headed for the Amazon Jungle!

After signing off my Twitch live stream today bike Tripping in West Huntsville, I still had some errands to run. Rambling down Pulaski Pike I finally arrived at the convenience store where the Amazon lockers are located.

I’ve recieved quite a bit of equipment and supplies at this location which is often more convenient than the Post Office. My home address is out of the way and difficult for delivery trucks to make a three point turn around, and the USPS doesn’t deliver there and so I keep a PO Box.

Most likely, this is the last pick up at this location, although, there are still a couple of orders that will arrive at the Post Office soon. The Grand Slam Plan! adventure starts soon please stay tuned.

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