📽 Bike Tripping To Ditto Landing

Yesterday I went bike tripping to Ditto Landing. This is a fun and scenic bike ride from downtown Huntsville with almost half on the Aldridge Creek Greenway. What a beautiful day too!

The video embedded here is the part I like the best because it’s still on the way – and since radio interference broke the live stream – it begins about a half mile after I entered the greenway just south of Weatherly Road. On the way meaning it’s still a gentle slope downhill, I’m not so tired out yet and it’s the most scenic stretch ending on the Tennessee river levee just south of Ditto Landing.

The first part of tripping to Ditto Landing begins in Big Spring Park winding through the streets of Huntsville ending just as I entered the greenway where the embedded part 2 picks up. Part 1 is on YouTube also. The last leg of this adventure is the ride back home and is on Twitch for a few days. Total trip time was about six hours and 34 miles.

This time, the trip I make once or twice a year, took about two hours longer than usual. Watching the videos you’ll hear me talking about equipment problems, caveats and successes. The main focus of the ride was to test and tune new equipment for live streaming to Twitch. And, to get myself in better physical condition for The Grand Slam Plan! adventure. Coming soon please stay tuned.

Preliminary testing had left me concerned that the microphone was going to be a problem and at the end of the day it could be a tad better, but it did turn out way better than I hoped and so I won’t need to get a cage and external mic for the camera after all. I also was concerned that the battery wouldn’t hold up, and it didn’t, only lasting for about an hour and a half. At that point, I did have auxiliary battery and was also concerned that it’s function and life might present unforeseen trouble as well. It didn’t! The back up battery performed beyond my expectations.

So, I’m happily pleased with my discovery trip to Ditto yesterday. Alas, I did have some bandwidth problems probably due to weak connections, and the video is still a bit unsharp. There’s a few reasons why these things happen. There’s not much I can do when the connections get weak or non-existent, but I am looking at some settings that I can adjust and test.

That being said, I had planned my next live stream for St. Pats on the 16th but most likely I’ll get in one or two more shorter live streams on Twitch before then to tryout some fine tuning, and make some final adjustments.

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