Mouse Meets Keyboard

I’ve been having a terrible time of it trying to move old backups to newer storage lately. Some of the data disc protocols don’t work on newer computers but thankfully I kept the old Sony knowing it might come in handy – it worked!

But, in the meantime I was fumbling around with all different laptops and lost the USB plug for my wireless mouse. I looked everywhere I could think, on the floor, on the shelves, in the kitchen garbage as I had also cooked me some scrambled eggs and toast, all while trying to remember the long forgotten password for the Sony.

So, I finally gave up and sat down just to think and look around. Don’t you know, I reached over for the tv channel changer and felt the studiously placed plug in the palm of my hand. It had been camouflaged by the buttons.

Now to try another password variation… of course, the too simplest and most obvious option worked this time. It’s always good to plan for your own lack of smarts.

Onward to the unrecoverable cds. I wasn’t sure the old computer would solve the problem because the discs might have been corrupted or my presumptions might have been wrong. But again, my prescient understanding of my own shortcomings saved the day. All the discs in the collection have been recovered!

Life is good.

©2024 – Jim Casey