Cold, Rain, Hail, Wind: Kentucky

After taking yesterday off for morning rain and a nice rest, today was my worst day yet. Started off pretty good with a little sunshine and warming temps. So when I got to Fulton Kentucky I decided to have an early lunch at McD’s. After that the day went snafu.

Leaving the McDonald’s the wind had picked up and I actually got a little drizzle. Needing to head west I soon found myself on a narrow country lane with way too much heavy traffick. It’s a situation that requires patience and knowing on a bike you’ve gotta constantly give way for your own good. It makes for slow going. Not long down this path I actually found myself in light rain and marble sized hail. Fortunately neither lasted long.

The worst of it was a continuous 25 mph headwind that just wouldn’t let up. Much worse than day one. My worst mileage day too. I ended up having to walk the bike up gentle hills and had to peddle rather than coast going downhill. If hadn’t peddled downhill, I might have ended up going backwards. The wind and overcast made the 50° temps seem colder too.

Finally, thankfully, arriving at camp I got out of the wind and now see the forecast for tonight has moderated somewhat. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be such a challenge.

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