300 Miles Plus 5

Go figure. Peddle a bike for 300 miles without a hitch, (actually, my bike does have a hitch, but that’s not what I mean here) going to see the eclipse, with no navigation problems and finally today I missed a turn.

Camping out means a slow start after cold nights and a few more cobwebs in the old noggin than usual. I thought I knew my next stop and headed out without double checking the maps and route. Just ten miles and then resupply. Only after ten miles the store wasn’t there. Oops.

Time to Google the maps and sure enough I failed to see the same route actually made a hard left turn – 4 miles ago. Fortunately, I was near a rather pleasant alternate route that would ultimately add only 5 miles instead of 8 if I doubled back completely.

Today was a shorter day since I’m nearing my destination, so the extra miles didn’t really hurt. And it was a a nice country lane with not much traffick and nice quiet scenery too.

Rain tomorrow means hunkering down before I arrive in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for the total eclipse on Monday, April 8th at 1:55 pm. I’ll likely live stream at some point on Twitch or YouTube so tune in before that. The totality will last for 9 minutes so even though there may be some cloud cover there’s hope for some good video during totality.

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