My My My Boogie Shoes

I am lovin’ my new boogie shoes! They’re made of “Gortex.” I don’t know what that is but it sounds like something Al Gore might have invented. They are really good for walking around in too. I can walk on smooth concrete or rocky pavers either one just as good as the other – and I can dance around in the moonlight iffen I want.

I think I made a good overall choice on these ones. Sometimes when I buy things I have to send them back to the mail order company or carry them back to the store and get something different. But, these ones are just right, so I’m keeping them.

Now, don’t let my fancy shoes fool ya none. I’m still the same old easy going Jim. I’ll be out and about telling my stories, walking in my shoes, dancing around on the sidewalks, and going bikeabout just like always. I’m not gonna go highfalutin on nobody. So, you can count on me to be ’bout like always.

©2024 – Jim Casey